The Five Minute Journal


The Five Minute Journal is the original guided gratitude journal that's sold over 2 million copies. In just five minutes a day, it helps clear the mental clutter and shift focus to the good stuff. It’s straightforward, no fuss, and like a toothbrush for your mind.

Whether your schedule’s packed, you’re new to journaling, or you just never know what to say, this journal is here to help. Its prompts guide you through reflecting on the positive aspects of your day, making it a simple routine to boost your mood and overall happiness. It’s about leveraging the benefits of gratitude—feeling more connected, more fulfilled, and yes, a lot happier.

Plus, it’s designed to be as easy as possible, with a guided introduction that eases you into the habit and a clean, minimalist design that makes every page a pleasure to fill out.

Undated, lasts 6 months

264 pages

100% recycled

FSC paper

100% linen and cotton fabric

One 100% cotton ribbon

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